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The ‘about this blog bit’

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, a few weeks ago I decided to shut down my Facebook (which I was using too much, and achieving very little), and the plan was to blog about a Facebook free life.

Well, as it turns out that is a very boring subject. I got one blog post from it, then that was it. It was a very dull post. Its currently helping clog up a small corner of the internet. No one will ever read it.

It’s very uninteresting talking about not using Facebook, it’s certainly not blog worthy.

The idea would be that I would have loads of extra free time and I would use it better and hopefully achieve more, but it took me less than a week to realise that I wasn’t likely to do that. However, I still had the drive to start blogging (I’ve been a typical blogger for years – have and idea, start a blog and let it die after the first couple of post) more consistently and try to get something worth visiting. I’ve tried being funny (it’s harder than it seems), I’ve tried being clever (I’m not that clever) and I’ve tried using as more of a journal (I’m quite boring). So, after my new grand idea fell flat, I tried thinking of what I could blog about.

Well, I’m TV obsessed. I watch EVERYTHING, and I’m a big geek about it. I’m also very snobby about it. More specifically I’m obsessed with comedy TV, even more specifically I’m obsessed with American comedy TV. I have broad tastes, I will give everything a chance but it’s cult, off beat comedy that I really get into.

Being from the UK, I’m also naturally in to British comedy too. However, having grown up with British comedy I’ve seen most of it. There is very little yet to discover, and unlike American comedy, we don’t seem to be making very much off it. Don’t get me wrong, British comedy is brilliant and I’m always very proud of what Britain produce, but GREAT comedy seems increasingly few and far between. A gem comes along every now and then, and there are some great things on the horizon but there is more and more mediocre stuff being made. There really are very few off beat comedies around, and not a huge amount to look forward to.

In the US however, chances seem to be being taken. Entire networks are filling schedules with off beat, not for everyone comedies. Countless series are currently being shown and tones of renewals are on the horizon. The Office, Always Sunny, 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm just don’t work for the mass market in the UK. They are odd, offensive and too full off pop culture reference to find primetime slots on the UK. In the US however, these are primetime shows and they are popular. The UK and US seem to be heading in very different directions (one day I’ll write about why this is) and it’s not disappointing. All you need is a multi region DVD player and an amazon.co.uk account and your set. You also need to be willing to pay over the odds for some, newer items if you want to stay current. Over the odds and ridiculous post office fees (£13 to basically put something on a shelf? Wow)


Blog about funny stuff.

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